I give lessons in composition, improvisation, theory as well as woodwinds (clarinet/sax/flute) to beginners, intermediates and professionals. Studio is located near Metro Charlevoix, contact me for more info! (En français/in English)

I also teach school band woodwind sectionals and jazz band (big band and combo) workshops in the Greater Montreal Area as well. Contact me for rates.


Download Scores (Home: Montreal or START)

All of my scores are professional-level charts, requiring high levels of musicianship and improvisation in nearly all chairs in the band. Some charts could be performed by advanced 

Note: Instrumentation in my band is as follows:

5 Saxes
1st Alto Sax (doubles soprano sax, flute)
2nd Alto Sax (doubles flute)
1st Tenor Sax (doubles clarinet)
2nd Tenor Sax (doubles clarinet)
Bari Sax (doubles solo clarinet, bass clarinet)

Additional Solo Tenor Sax (on Home: Montreal's Movement 8 - Departure, and Decision for Others from START)

4 Trombones (Bass trombone doubles Tuba)

5 Trumpets (doubling flugelhorn)

Electric Guitar (with pedals)
Electric Bass

Contact me for more information.

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